Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Earl will take the field!

As noted previously on my Game of the Month Blog, the proposed 40mm version of my Gathering of Hosts campaign has been officially binned. The Elastolins will be freed from their bases and go back to their proper place in Prince Valiant inspired  skirmishes.

The Earl of Cowcross will take the field again.
I'm also going to roll the rules back to multi-stand units rather than adhoc groups of individual elements. Might even put it back on the grid..........

Hopefully a game before the end of the month. Its been hot here, I'd like to feel the North Wind finally blow across my table.

The Northern Barbarians, do they really exist or are they the stuff of old folk tales?

Friday, April 28, 2017

A Man with Two Blogs is Never Sure

It was clear enough when I started this blog, it was about building the armies for a particular not precisely historical campaign. It has wandered a bit since then from everything pre horse and musket to nothing at all but as I continue to shrink my collections (they aren't projects since they have neither an endpoint, other than death or disability, nor a plan to get there.) I am once again dedicating this blog to just things relating to my fantasy/early medieval Kingdoms of the Five Winds setting. (Why 5 not 4? One day I may have an answer.)

Which still begs the question of whether this Portable Ancient Wargame test game using my Elastolin armies of the Five Kingdoms should have​ been posted here or not. Anyway if you like the Elastolins please check it out there!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Turning Back Time

After much thought about what the objective is, reviewing of various past rules, rolling some dice and revisiting a stack of books from Montluc to Oman to Gush and on and on into the 21st Century,.........I decided to roll the clock back ten years and start with the original Rough  Wooing rules that Rob and I put together for 2005 and begin meddling again from that start point with the experience of a number of convention and club games under my belt amongst other things.

Turn 4 just getting underway.
So, essentially, the old card activation, the old variable length moves not rolling for every skirmisher stand, a simpler command control roll, simplified manoeuvres, improved (hopefully) combat and simplified morale.

Here is a link to the rough draft being tested.

I am considering this as a variant of the Gathering of Hosts so, if it works as intended, I will do a version for medieval fantasy battles using the ideas and mechanisms with different troop types.

Monday, March 20, 2017

De-radicalizing the Hosts

For a while now I've noted that my medieval/Renaissance troops rarely get off the shelf. I've been hoping that it was purely due to other commitments but at last as Huzzah approaches, I've had to admit to myself that, deep down, I'm not really happy with the way the rules have gone with generic everything, no units, vague, clinical language and so on.

Somewhere in France c1544.

So, after a single turn of a test game, I decided to stop and start over with something more conventional. Something with units  but with the old Rough Wooing variable moves and combat dice per stand.  The draft rules need a bit of work before posting, filling in blanks etc but the ensuing game was fun and felt right.

The fighting begins in earnest. 
(Which is to say before I kept forgetting to take pictures.)

Felt like another actually! I'll have another test game played and the rules posted by the weekend and hopefully a battle report.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Coming Soon, a new adventure

All is quiet at home. What is a Warrior Prince to do? 
Duke Stephen leads a British force to save the stronghold of Bellemont and meets an old enemy!
At last the call comes! Rome has been assailed by the hordes of Attla! Who will come to her aid?